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You have somehow stumbled upon my blog.  Good for you. Plot and Theme was devoted to discussing films only until the end of 2022, at which point I began adding additional materials involving discussions of series, novels, and my own creative writing (not my crappy reviews; real stuff like short stories and novels). For the most part, I will endeavor to write in the context of the specific aesthetics of the film or piece of work in question. Here’s where to go to for the bigger, in-depth explanation: The Things We Think And Do Not Say.   I intend to provide meaningful, fun analysis of films and other materials with an eye towards thought-out, edited pieces. In addition to discussion on particular work, I will also address movie news topics that interest me. Things like upcoming films, trailer releases, and awards season announcements. Finally, when it comes to my own writing, I will post all manner of things: short synopses of pieces I am working on currently, plans/outlines for future stories, samples, you name it.

Each piece written for this blog represents my ideas with regards to analysis of a particular film. All opinions are my own and all content is produced by me personally and is the property of Derek Jacobs, unless noted otherwise.  Reprinting of the works comprising this blog are allowed on condition that due credit is given to the author and the blog url is mentioned.  All images of films, media, and similar representations are the property of their respective creators and are intended for educational purposes and thus fall under the fair use provisions of the US Code Title 17, Chapter 1, Subsection 107.

If you enjoy the pieces you read, please share them on all your favorite social media outlets, as I love expanding my readership and I have made it as easy as possible to hare these posts on all your favorite dealies.  I always welcome comments, suggestions, feedback, and discussions on the particular posts (you have to be reading the single post in order to access the comments section).

I will always provide this content free of charge, but if you particularly enjoy the pieces you read within and derive significant value from them to the point of feeling like you’d like to support the blog, you may contribute bitcoin donations to Plot and Theme’s personal Bitcoin Address (and, you can check all the donations that have ever been sent!  Bitcoin is awesome).

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