I am excited and grateful that the pieces I post here on Plot and Theme even get read at all, especially by strangers who don’t link from my Facebook page.  It’s rewarding to know that I can connect with film lovers of all types through my writing.  But getting money for it would be slightly more rewarding.

I will always provide content on Plot and Theme free of charge, but if you particularly enjoy the pieces you read here and you’d like to support the blog, you may contribute bitcoin donations to Plot and Theme’s personal Bitcoin Address (and, you can check all the donations that have ever been sent!  Bitcoin is awesome).

Plot and Theme’s Bitcoin Address:  3GT5ihBgwyc7yzN3pZwpDzQ8HbfMWzYcqM

Or, the QR Code:


If you would like to contribute in another way (say, Patreon, Paypal, etc) then please leave a comment and let me know that there is some demand for that kind of thing and I will arrange everything on my end.

I would also love suggestions for reward tiers to entice more donations – I am thinking shout-outs and kudos on social media for everyone who donates.  Above that, I could have a $10 donation be worthy of your very own personal review.  Donate, then name your film and I will review it on the blog.  Want me to review something obscure and weird?  Want to torture me with something terrible?