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I am excited and grateful that the pieces I post here on Plot and Theme even get read at all, especially by strangers.  It’s rewarding to know that I can connect with film lovers of all types through my writing.  If you enjoy the writing here on Plot and Theme, please sign up to my mailing list, located in the sidebar to the right ——->

I will always provide content on Plot and Theme free of charge, but if you particularly enjoy the pieces you read here and you’d like to support the blog with your wallet, you may contribute to the blog’s continuation in a couple of relatively painless ways.


First, and most straightforward, you can visit my Patreon page and become a patron of Plot and Theme.  Patreon is like a virtual tip jar where you can use PayPal or a credit card to set up monthly donations to content creators.  There’s also a tiered reward system that can give you some pretty sweet perks.  Check out the Plot and Theme Patreon Page Here.


Related to the Patreon page is the CafePress page.  Here, instead of warm-and-fuzzies for giving moneys, you can actually buy things with Plot and Theme iconography on them.  Currently, I have a couple of T-shirt options, hoodies, and glassware, all of which earns me a couple of bucks.  Be warned:  owning these items and using them in the company of others may force you to explain, “What is Plot and Theme?”  Check out the CafePress Page Here.  Important consideration:  pledging at the $5 level on Patreon includes certain CafePress items as rewards.

Finally, and most confusingly for you fans of fiat money, I happily accept Bitcoin donations to Plot and Theme’s personal Bitcoin Address.  If you want to learn about Bitcoin (which you should), I encourage you to go to where you can click around, educate yourself about cryptocurrency, and even get yourself your very own wallet.  After purchasing some bitcoin from an exchange, you can donate to the address below (and, you can check all the donations that have ever been sent!  Bitcoin is awesome).

Plot and Theme’s Bitcoin Address:  3GT5ihBgwyc7yzN3pZwpDzQ8HbfMWzYcqM

Or, the QR Code:


Plot and Theme is also a Brave publisher, meaning that you can donate to the above address anonymously and in proportion to the amount of time you spend here if you’re browsing with Brave.  If you’re interested at all in Brave, give it a look-see.

Brave is a really cool thing, made by the same guy who created Firefox.

If you would like to contribute in another way then please leave a comment and let me know that there is demand for something else.  And, at this point I’d like to reiterate:  Plot and Theme is always going to be free to read, and always going to be absent ads.  I love watching and writing about movies, so I am going to keep up with regular posts regardless of donations.  I’ll also always be grateful for your readership, commentary, and suggestions, because these levels of support are just as important as anything else I’ve listed on this page.

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