Here Are Some Other Cool Places You Can Read Awesome Stuff

While Plot and Theme is my baby, I contribute to other movie blogs as well, and I like to make these pieces available to my readers.  Below you’ll find links to my author pages on the other site: Cinema Axis.  In addition to checking out my stuff, I encourage you to read through the other material on these sites, as they have some amazing stuff!

Cinema Axis Author Page

In addition, over the course of developing Plot and Theme, I’ve been fortunate enough to interact with many great film bloggers, both on WordPress and on other platforms.  These are the blogs and communities that I can wholeheartedly recommend:

Assholes Watching Movies

Cinema Axis

Criterion Close-Up

Cup of Moe

Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews

Digital Shortbread

Drew’s Movie Reviews

Flix Chatter

Madam Vintage

On the Screen Reviews

Once Upon a Screen


Rachel’s Reviews


Silver Screenings


The Uumlaut




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