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Criterion Blogathon – Things to Come

Keep your eyes peeled for this Criterion Blogathon in November; yours truly will be participating by posting a review of Roman Polanski’s “Macbeth” (1971)!

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Hello, fellow film buffs. We have been quiet for a little while, but with the #CriterionBlogathon just under a month away, we are about to roar!

Most importantly, we are imposing a deadline for topic choice submissions as of this Friday, October 23, 2015. We have updated the Blogathon roster here, and are currently at 170 topics. If you want to participate, this is the last call for you to secure a topic. After checking the roster, please complete this form to participate.

You may also be interested in the podcast that we recently recorded with Kristina over this past weekend. We discussed not only the blogosphere, blogathons, and online film community, but also this specific blogathon. Hopefully you will find it to be an interesting discussion. We certainly enjoyed it! Kristina blogged about her experience here.

The Blogathon will take place over six-days, from Monday, November 16th…

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3 responses to “Criterion Blogathon – Things to Come”

    • Mine too! I am considering making Macbeth (1971) the first of a big “Macbeth” push until the Dec 4th release date of the Fassbender/Cotillard Macbeth. I’ve got the Judi Dench/Ian MacKellan one and Throne of Blood on the docket as well, so my readers might get a little sick of Macbeth.

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      • There can never be too much Macbeth. It’s seriously one of the most interesting Shakespeare material to adapt, which has resulted in some creative releases. We are also really looking forward to the new version. I hear that Cotillard is amazing as Lady Macbeth.


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