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Hot Docs 2017: Still Tomorrow

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Jian Fan’s Still Tomorrow considers its fascinating subject in all its facets.  The film follows a year in the life of Yu Xuihua, a middle age woman with cerebral palsy who has worked on her parent’s farm for her whole life.  Her arranged marriage of 20 years is one of convenience, and her life is a struggle, both physically and mentally.  To parse her world, Yu explores her passion:  writing poetry.

She types away at her laptop on a rickety table as chickens scurry in the background, and it gives her life meaning.  She worked in obscurity, posting her work to a poetry blog.  Until her poem Crossing Half of China to Sleep with You is shared over a million times on Chinese social media.

Now a popular artist, Yu has a collection of poems published, attends readings of her work, and is an absolute sensation.  Yet, Still Tomorrow is…

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