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Inside Out 2017: A Date for Mad Mary

This movie is fantastic! One of my favorite things about getting screeners is being blind-sided by something awesome, and “A Date for Mad Mary” definitely counts!

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Darren Thornton’s A Date for Mad Mary is a charming coming-of-age romance featuring incredible performances, unpredictable plot turns, and immense directorial skill. Thornton co-wrote the film with his brother Colin, based off of a play written by Yamine Akram that Darren also directed.

A Date for Mad Mary appears to be your standard young adult melodrama on the surface. Mary (Seána Kerslake) is coming home from a six-month stint in the local jail, and it feels like everyone in her life has changed while she was absent, especially her best mate Charlene (Charleigh Bailey). Still, Mary is the maid of honor at Charlene’s wedding, and she wants to prove that she can get a date in time.

See what I mean? This is rom-com 101. Except it isn’t. For a serious stretch of the film it isn’t clear at all where the plot is going. Many meet-cutes are aborted. One…

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