TIFF 2017: Creatura Dada

Cinema Axis


It almost feels folly to describe Caroline Monnet’s Creatura Dada with any kind of sincerity. I could certainly do it, but it will take you more time to read my blurby review than to actually watch the film. I watched it four times in preparation, and each time I noticed something different.

At a scant four minutes long, you’d think there couldn’t possibly be much going on. But, there’s a lot of content in those four minutes. Ostensibly, Creatura Dada seems to be a bridal shower or even a women’s-only rehearsal dinner. The women, all of indigenous descent, consume a luxurious seafood meal in many courses, bordering between the gluttonous and the celebratory. At one point, it becomes clear that the meal is being shown in reverse – sort of. At another, the women dance or sway to the music while staring straight to camera, organized in generations.

Monnet means…

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