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The Ignominious Return of My Questionable Opinions

This will be a short entry, but at least it will be one.

Almost one year. That is how long it has been since I have posted an idea to Plot and Theme. The reasons I could list are all pretty banal: I had less time to write, it got less fun to write, and the movies felt less and less distinctive. But, all the while, I was still watching movies, still thinking about them, and in certain cases, still jotting down notes and planning pieces. However, I never got around to executing.

That all stops now.

I’m not happy that it has been so long, but this is as good a time as any to change. Perhaps New Year’s resolutions are flighty pleas to the calendar Gods to improve upon something about yourself that disappoints you, and a New Decade’s resolution is the same thing (only 9 times more rare). Regardless, 2020 feels like a good time to get back in the game, so to speak.

So, for the future, these are things that will happen:

Every month, there will be a State of the Blog. I will review the previous month and look forward to the next month (focusing mostly on pieces, movies, and data). This will help me stay on top of my own productivity.

Soon, I will post my Top 10 Films of 2019. Between the posting of this list and this year’s Oscars, I will post a full review of every film that appears on my list. After the Oscars, I’ll post a recap-like opinion piece, but I won’t be doing any full-fledged predictions this year.

From there, I’ll continue along reviewing films. However, I want to introduce a new model (new to me at least): I will be adding an additional type of review, more akin to my List formats. Essentially, I will only do full reviews for films which I believe to be especially noteworthy. They can be extraordinarily good, laughably bad, have a specific element that I believe to be worth discussing at length, etc. The key is: they need to have something to get me off my tractor. So many times this last year, I saw a thing, thought a couple of ideas, but couldn’t rouse myself to put together a full review.

Now, every six months, I’ll post a “Catch-Up” recap piece, briefly reviewing multiple films. These will include all other films I saw that did not get a full review but do deserve a quick opinion. Generally, I plan for each film’s recap to be about a paragraph in length, along with a recommendation. Like I said, this will be a lot like my Top 10 lists – a rapid-fire treatment. I hope that these pieces will allow me to focus my time on the films that generate some kind of passionate response, but will still allow me to opine on everything I see in one way or another.

That’s all for now. Here’s to a kick-ass 2020! Look for my Top 10 list for 2019 on Monday the 27th of January.

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