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State of the Blog – March 2020

March is underway, and it is time for a quick update here at Plot and Theme. As usual, February is a pretty slow movie month, so there wasn’t a lot that I saw, but hopefully that will be balanced with the plethora of interesting movies set to debut in March.

For February, the only flick I saw in theaters was The Gentleman, the Guy Ritchie movie. It’s a Guy Ritchie movie through-and-through: crime, eccentricity, and a good bit of meta-commentary and non-linear storytelling thrown in. Fans of Ritchie will be more-or-less pleased. I saw a couple more movie in other settings, but nothing especially noteworthy pops up. I am a tad upset that I didn’t see The Invisible Man yet, but I think I will make that a priority for early March.

March has much more to offer me. For tentpoles, there is a pair of Disney movies: Pixar’s Onward and Mulan. They’re released at opposite ends of the month, so I expect I’ll see both. I’m probably more interested in Onward, but this version of Mulan looks like it departs from the animated version more radically that the most recent live-action adaptations, so I’m intrigued if that is the case.

Other major releases that interest me include the sequel to A Quite Place, a film that I very much enjoyed but never reviewed here on Plot and Theme (let me know in the comments if you’d like a review prior to the new film’s release). Finally, it looks like I might enjoy The Hunt, a Battle Royal type flick set in a mansion with apparent class warfare dynamics.

On the indie circuit, I am looking for Guns Akimbo to come to my area, and when it does I’ll give it a look. Daniel Radcliffe wakes up with guns surgically attached to his hands – ’nuff said there. Emma. Also expands early in the month, and that just looks delightful!

I expect a few pieces of digital content may pique my interest as well, but for now these are the flicks I am looking forward to.


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