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Hot Docs Coverage on CinemaAxis

Greetings readers!  I am going to post a quick blog-related post to remind my readers that has started its coverage of the Hot Docs film festival – a festival based in Toronto that focuses on documentaries.  In this month’s State of the Blog post, I mentioned that I was lucky  enough to review three of these documentaries.  In fact, I was offered two additional films, so I ended up with five documentaries to review.  Below I will tell you the films that I got to see, the day the review will be posted on CinemaAxis, and a short synopsis of the flick to whet your appetite.  Here we go!

Hotel Dallas
Posting:  April 27th
Synopsis:  Half documentary and half trippy art film narrative, this documentary tells the story of Communist Romania and how they were only allowed one hour of American television:  the tv show “Dallas”.  Intended to showcase the greed and depravity of the American lifestyle, the Romanians who remember watching Dallas on TV think of it very differently . . .

The Apology
Posting:  April 29th
Synopsis:  Not for the feint of heart, The Apology reveals the stories of the Korean, Filipino, and Chinese “comfort women” – women who were forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese during World War Two.  Now in their eighties, three women tell their stories and protest for an official apology from the Japanese government.

Ovarian Psycos
Posting: April 30th
Synopsis:  In the rough neighborhoods of Los Angeles, some young women of color take it upon themselves to form a women-only bicycling group, The Ovarian Psycos.  The group is meant as a way for them to take back their community and feel safe simply enjoying the ride, but they are beset by complications along the way.

The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere
Posting: May 4th
Synopsis:  During Japan’s “Lost Decade”, everyone is down in the dumps.  On a remote racetrack in a small town, there exists an inspirational savior:  Hara Urara, a racehorse who has never won a race.  This ESPN 30-for-30 short tells the story of the horse, and how she captured the imagination of a nation.

How to Prepare for Prison
Posting: May 6th
Synopsis:  This film follows three individuals facing possible prison time in the very near future.  It looks at the proceedings of the justice system, the emotional and physical damage of brought on by a prison sentence, and discusses problems with the system in a very personal way.

So, those are my Hot Docs!  Be sure to drop by Cinema Axis and check out everything that is being posted there.  In addition, I was held to a pretty tight word count for these pieces, so I will re-post the pieces here on Plot and Theme a day later with some additional observations.  Remember to comment, like, share, and whatever else makes you happy!





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