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State of the Blog – April 2017

It’s April, the lion of March has transfigured into a lamb (at least I think that’s how it works), and now the fools have come and gone (I’m sure).  All the while, the endless cycle of movie releases continues unabated and I’m here on Plot and Theme to contribute to the confusion with my entirely correct opinions.  This month, the blog turns two full years old, I creep close to 300 total posts, and I’ve got some great pieces in the pipeline.  We’ll talk about all of that plus some cool new movies to keep your eyes out for in the month of April.

First, a quick look back.  March offered a couple of interesting flicks, but the clear stand-out was Logan.  It felt nice to watch a comic book flick that didn’t feel completely safe and derivative and actually had stakes.  Fox looks like it is starting to find its legs with this whole “R-Rated Comic Book Movie” thing, so good for them.  I’m also glad I took advantage of some awesome streaming options like I Don’t Feel at Home on this Planet Anymore and Slow West, both of which surprised.  I’ll continue this trend of posting reviews for flicks that are streaming, and if you’ve got any requests in mind, a simple comment on this innertron will go a long way (comments can be placed anonymously below, in case you don’t want anyone knowing that you’re dying for a review of New York Minute or something).

As for what’s coming up, April is going to be pretty bare on the theatrical releases.  I am zero percent interested in Committee-Organized Car Crime Action Film No. 8 (Pun Title) Over-Stuffed with A-List Actors, so you’ll not see a review for that one.  In fact, only two wide releases interest me at all in April:  Free Fire (I looked at the trailer here) and The Circle.  Everything else that interests me this month falls into the quirky, weird, and small Indie category.  If I get a chance to see Colossal, the movie where alcoholic Anne Hathaway controls a Kaiju and makes it dance, or The Void, a practical effects horror flick, I’ll certainly post those.  The anime film Your Name comes to my theater on the 7th, so that is definitely happening.  Lastly, keeping in line with the streaming dealies, you can expect a review of Netflix’s new Sci Fi film, The Discovery.

You should also look forward to some other super cool things.  I’ve got my Terminator piece all sketched out, and will start writing soon.  This month’s Kubrick film is Lolita.  I’m drafting a hot-take piece on Remakes, Reboots and such things that may involve a title punning on “Hard and Soft” (no promises, though).  And I’ve got a couple of leftovers from March that I will review as well, most notable Train to Busan.

That’s basically it.  Oh, there’s about a 100% possibility that a trailer for Disney’s Star Wars episode VIII:  The Last Jedi – A Star Wars Story drops at Star Wars Celebration between April 13th and 16th, and as a blogger I have a binding social contract to “react” to it.  So, stay tuned for when that goes down, because I am sure all of the responses will be level-headed and reasonable.

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