Fede Alvarez’s “Don’t Breathe” is a Perfectly Plotted, Table-Turning Slasher

The absurdly good year for horror, especially claustrophobic slashers, continues unabated thanks to Fede Alvarez’s astounding Don’t Breathe.  This film does all the right things, and manages to be both super creepy and genuinely scary.  It twists the accepted formula of the slasher into something fresh, and is capable of generating extreme discomfort through mood as easily as it executes wonderful jump scares.  The film relies on only a small collection of actors, but is able to provide them with justifiable back stories, motivations, and actions throughout the story.  Don’t Breathe is the complete package, a dreary gem of a film which is sure to terrify and delight fans of horror – and recruit many, many more.

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