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Review of “Deadpool” Trailer Trailer and “Deadpool” Trailer Review

The Merc with a Mouth had something to say to us on Monday about the trailer for his new movie. Like the hipster asshole that he is, Deadpool narrates the trailer to his trailer with some bourbon and a pipe in full costume (which makes holding the pipe in his mouth fairly difficult). His voice pierces the darkness that only relents upon his activation of The Clapper to turn on his lamp, and Deadpool has some great news for us:

My trailer is coming . . . tomorrow

Motherfucker! So, we had to wait until Tuesday night on Conan for the debut of the full trailer (a different version of which played at Comic Con in San Diego, so you may have seen a similar trailer there). Thankfully, through the magic of waiting, Tuesday night finally happened and the full Red Band trailer was released, and can be viewed below:

Ooooh, I’m touching myself tonight.

Deadpool definitely puts out a strong trailer. We get all the back story that we will ever need: Wade Wilson is a mercenary, has lots of cancer, and likes a lady so he undergoes an experimental procedure meant to give him superhuman healing powers. Wilson emerges from the procedure badly burnt as the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool. At this point, the comic nerds will push up their glasses and remark that Deadpool was actually created at the same Canadian facility as Wolverine, so pay attention during the film itself to see if there are any references to Wolverine at all.

More important than the context for Deadpool is the tone. This trailer wastes absolutely no time in letting us know that this is going to be a different kind of comic book movie. The habitual sardonic wit of Reynolds was tailor-made for the portrayal of Deadpool, and we get to see it on full display both before and after the procedure. Deadpool cracks some jokes while delivering triple headshots at close range (something most can’t even do on Halo), rocks out to Salt N’ Pepa songs before jumping off a highway overpass, and generally causes mayhem while dropping F-bombs and breaking the fourth wall. I was highly anticipating this film, and the trailer has given me exactly what I wanted – a look at the particular tone and aesthetic that the movie will adopt. I have to say, it looks pretty fucking impressive.

I mean, raise your hand if you’re getting a little tired of Superhero movies. There have been plenty good ones, and even a few I would consider great, but nothing we have seen before has approached the genre with such a unique abandon as Deadpool promises to. Marvel films have their comedy and action, and DC filmd have their darkness and brooding, but Deadpool has the opportunity to inject some much-needed freshness into comic book movies with its fearless gore and potty-mouthed protagonists. There is no promise that this particular tone and style will hit the mark, and many viewers might be turned off by the crudeness of this film. The character of Deadpool and this film have had a rough trip to the big screen with a number of pre-production issues and earlier misguided attempts to portray the Merc, but count me among the Deadpool faithful. Against all odds, Deadpool will be allowed to inhabit our movie screens in February. There’s no telling what he’ll do once he’s up there.

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