Kevin Smith Pens Script for “MallBrats”

On his instagram account yesterday, Kevin Smith posted a screenshot of the complete first draft of the newest entry into his View Askewniverse: a sequel to 1995’s Mallrats with the current title of MallBrats. Since struggling with directing Cop Out, the only time Smith has helmed a movie he did not write, Smith has gone in a strange direction. Red State is a fascinating departure from what he usually does, and you would be forgiven for not even noticing that it is a Kevin Smith film. Most recently, he directed the first entry in his Great White North horror trilogy: Tusk, about a killer walrus (Yoga Hosers is in post-production and Moose Jaws will round out the series in 2016). Suffice to say, Kevin Smith is up to a great deal lately, but this will be his first return to the comfort of his old world.
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